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WebWarrior has just the right products to help you protect your community. Our famous Site-Sentinel(TM) line of stand-alone field surveillance systems provides the finest results for your surveillance dollar. Watch the gates or community entrance, and capture the license plate of every vehicle entering. Keep an eye on your children in public parks and playgrounds. Site-Sentinel systems are the most attractive, effective, and rugged systems available for your investment dollar.

Site-Sentinels are made with the best materials and craftsmanship here in the USA. The is a Site-Sentinel model for most every outdoor application, and solutions can be custom-tailored from various options

Site-Sentinels also come with the option of WebWarrior's HEARTBEAT MONITORING SYSTEM which tests every on-line Site-Sentinel for up-time and response and system health status.

Site-Sentinels are also available as a lease option. They are very easy to install and remove from location

Please visit our website: site-sentinel.com for more information

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